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Põlva Central Library
Address: Kesk st. 16, 63308, Põlva, Estonia
Phone/fax: +372 799 4095
Opening hours

The Public Library of Koiola parish (founded in 1926) which was situated in the community house was the actual forerunner of Põlva Central Library. There were only 69 books in the library in 1926. There are about 75.000 books in the library in 2003.

Ed. Tamm

The first head of the library was a remarkable man whose name was Eduard Tamm (1888-1984). He was a community clerk and a librarian at that time. (E. Tamm was an actor and a producer of the Popular Education Society, too. His real name was Eduard but he was more widely known as Jüri. He got this name after a very successful role in the play called Rummu Jüri. He worked in the library from 1926 to 1939, until an administrative reform took place and Põlva parish was formed.

Society house

After the reform the library was moved into the society house (where it is today) and was named Central Library of Põlva parish. This house was built by the Popular Education Society of Põlva on the ruins of a pub. The society library was already founded in 1908. In 1936 there were 1200 books. Society library was destroyed during the Second World War. E.Tamm worked in the parish library again in 1941 and from 1944 to 1949. The parish library was destroyed during the war too. It is said that the books and the equipment of the library had been burned. Some catalogues and other documents were saved by Eduard Tamm and these are held in Karilatsi Museum. The library was restocked after the war. (There is only one book from the pre-war period in the library today, it is a love - story Soldier Katrin by A. Thomas. This book was brought back in 1998.

The library was named Põlva District Library after the district was formed in 1950. The Children`s Library was founded in 1955. Old house Old children's department There were two libraries in the same house. At the end of the fifties and at the beginning of the sixties the libraries moved out of the House of Culture (a new name of society house). The new sites were at 22/27 Kesk Street. In the middle of seventies two libraries were connected, a children`s department was formed and the library was named Põlva Central Library. But there was not enough space and the rooms were uncomfortable. Finally those houses were returned to their real owners.

The rebuilding of the former society house started in November 1995. Its outward appearance has been restored as it was 90 years ago.

Current house
The new library house opened on the 20 of December 1996. This is a modern library with beautiful interior decorations. The readers can feel comfortable in the library.

There are a conference hall and a music department (so-called music balcony) in the library, too.

Reading room Music balkony Lending
Internet The computerization is proceeding on step by step. The library has a open access Internet since 1999. The library uses special web-based library software URRAM.

Põlva Central Library is a county library. Besides this there are a town library in Räpina and 33 rural libraries in the whole of Põlva county.

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